6 - 9 June 2024 Mk


9 June • MKC Dancing Hall, 22:30

  • drums
  • alt and baritone sax
  • clarinet and tenor sax
  • violin
  • bass
  • sopran and alt sax
The name NAKED stays for open heart and uncovered soul. Ideas of freedom, hope and love have always inspired Serbian band to create music. Naked - one of the most vital representatives of the Balkan world music scene - were founded in Belgrade in 2006. The band immediately attracted the attention of the local audience and stood out on the Serbian music scene thanks to its multilayered and energetic musical expression, receptive, at the same time intriguing original compositions, and compact, well- coordinated playing. In addition to the above, there are convincing stage performances and the image of the group members, which could most simply be described as "very cool". Collaborating for almost two decades, they have released five albums, performed around the world from Chile to Korea and at festivals like Colours of Ostrava, EXIT, Red See Jazz Festival, ACC Festival, to name a few. The style of the band is complex, unaffected, merged. Elements of Balkan traditions, with a touch of Mediterranean, African and Eastern European traditions, in synergy with the features of jazz, funk, rock, free music and a lot of improvisation – all this together creates a recognizable Naked-sound. That sound carries a lot of emotional layers – rebellion, melancholy, joy… All About Jazz calls their music a labour of love, describing the band as a mesmerising unit and a collective whose musical syntax continues to suggest that there are not several musicians here, but one.