6 - 9 June 2024 Mk

Cesária Évora

documentary film

5 June • Cinematheque of N. Macedonia, 21:00

  • Ana Sofia Fonseca
  • 2022
  • Cesária Évora, Janete Évora, José da Silva
  • 94 min.
This film draws an empowering portrait of the legendary singer Cesária Évora, a woman born in colonial Cabo Verde, who soared to the heights of the musical world and always pursued freedom above all else. Even as her world changes around her, as she goes from misery and poverty to astounding worldwide success, this need to be free remains. The documentary traces the diverse political and social contexts of Évora’s life and the universal themes of freedom and racial and gender inequality, illustrated by many never-before-seen archival footage, original recordings, and unique testimonies from the people who knew the woman behind the legend. Director Ana Sofia Fonseca uses multiple techniques to gradually reveal the spirit of the singer, feminist force, and trailblazing African icon. The film also features contemporary footage of the Barefoot Diva’s beloved Cabo Verde, capturing the poetry of the sea and the land and the air that shaped the woman and the artist.