6 - 9 June 2024 Mk


9 June • MKC Dancing Hall, 21:15

  • vocal
  • back vocal
  • saxophone
  • guitar
  • bass
  • drums
Kalata is a neofolk band from Skopje, which at the very beginning starts off as a project by Simeon Angelovski and Minela Bogdanović. Recognizable by its authentic sound, the group draws a parallel between Eastern and Western culture, with special accent on the traditional Macedonian music. Without borders, musicians rely on their feelings and inspiration and are free to play what their imaginations demands. The whole concept of the band is based on the imagination and creativity of these young musicians, whose love for the modern rhythms and the music of their ancestors contributes to the original sound of Kalata. Since 2018, they have performed all around the country, including D Festival, Pin Music Conference, Zdravo Mladi, Makedox and some European festivals like Mercat de Música Viva de Vic / MMVV (Barcelona, Spain) and Balkan Most Festival: Showcase Conference 2023 (Veszprem, Hungary). Their first album “Kalata” is ready and will be released this year, with a concert presentation at 23. OFFest. The band is also part of MOST Music Programme, a Balkan Music Export project that supports world music artists and bands from the Balkans region. Today the band consists of six members: Minela Bogdanović (lead vocals), Marija Ilievska (backing vocals), Kiril Kuzmanov (saxophone), Aleksandar Boškov (guitar), Simeon Angelovski (bass guitar) and Damjan Grujo (drums).