1 - 4 June 2022


1 June • National Opera & Ballet, 20:00

LEA MILINOVIĆ oud, tambura, cumbuş sas, percussion

DEA PLEVNEŠ percussion, vocals

KATERINA DIMITROVSKA vocals, tambura, kemane, percussion, yaylı tambur

OGNEN ZLATANOV cumbuş sas, oud, tambura, vocals

Perija is a Macedonian band formed in 2015. They had its beginnings on the street as an improvised stage. Members have changed over the years, and the band remained open to connections and collaborations. Perija is a Macedonian word of Turkish origin which means fairy. Exactly that mythological connection with the darkness of the Balkan forests is the feeling they try to convey in their music. The idea is to combine their music influences and create a fusion: covering old, almost forgotten songs (some of them collected by friends who travel the countryside and record them, and some found in very old recordings), with their own original music and arrangements. In their vocal expression, the band uses different languages ​​from the Balkans and beyond, as they believe in the cultural equality. Their musical influences range from modern classical and atonal music, post-punk, rock, metal, psychedelic trance, to traditional music from the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. They combine western and eastern playing techniques: musical scales used in traditional Balkan music, complicated maqam scales, and even certain Indian rags, uneven rhythms from the Balkans etc. They have released 2 studio albums and 2 EPs so far.