Documentary film

Produced and directed by: Paul Chandler

Runtime: 84 min.

Bamako-based American record producer, filmmaker, educator and musician Paul Chandler has been documenting the sonic and cultural complexities of Malian traditional music for more than a decade and “Every Song Has Its End” is an out-of-time, visceral collection of sounds from Chandler’s unparalleled archive. Over the past few years, accompanied by a recording engineer and a video-maker, Chandler has ventured to off-the-grid villages and crossroad towns all across the vast Malian landscape. Through a network of long-nurtured local contacts this small team has sought out practicing traditional musicians and their under-documented and often endangered music. Immersive and exhilarating, these field recordings and videos give us a privileged glimpse into the intricacies of the Malian musical experience. The tracks on “Every Song Has Its End” are in fact as varied as the land that they come from. The recording is a layered, 3D window into traditional village life, the “audience” and the “performers” interacting and fusing in a way that upends contemporary musical hierarchies. While it is ultimately impossible for us to fully grasp the cultural context and depth of the audio/video material, it also seems nearly impossible not to be hooked in by the mesmeric sound culture that they mirror.

28 May • MKC Kino Frosina, 19:00