DAMIR IMAMOVIĆ vocal, guitar

Sevdah is one of the great musical styles of the Balkans, with its songs of melancholia, a sister music to blues, tango, fado or the sad-edged morna of Cape Verde, and any other genre of music that was formed out of meetings of different worlds in music, languages, mindsets. Damir Imamović, born in Sarajevo, comes from a family of traditional sevdah singers, but has managed to modernize the style. He is also a dedicated sevdah researcher, educator and a producer. Questioning the perception of the established old culture, he creates a new culture based on the rich and very old traditions. His recent work with producer Chris Eckman, an American guitarist best known for his work with Walkabouts and co-founder of Glitterbeat Records, resulted in a classy, accessible set that could bring sevdah to a wider audience. Backed by his own custom-made tambur, Damir creates a specific blend of music and lyrics connected to the notion of sevdah (the Turkish word for love and its expressions and an Arabic word for the Greek melancholy). Therefore, sevdah is a meeting of the worlds. It contains echoes of epic singing, romantic songs and ballads about forbidden love. For people raised with it, it has endless shades of sadness.


25 May • Macedonian National Theatre, 20:00